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Helping you to achieve optimal health


Adams & Giddings Physical Therapy is one of the premier physical therapy and rehabilitation


centers in Fort Collins. Ron Adams and Jeff Giddings first opened the clinic in Fort Collins in


1998. Our outstanding physical therapists continue to stay at the forefront of rehabilitative


medicine with innovative ideas and ongoing education. We treat a variety of conditions and


disorders and provide the most effective and advanced treatments to help you return to the


activities and lifestyle you love.



Our friendly staff will schedule an appointment and assign you to a personal physical


therapist. Your therapist will complete a thorough evaluation and specific treatment plan


taking into consideration your specific rehabilitation needs. Patient education regarding


diagnosis, treatment, and injury prevention are an essential part of your treatment program.


Our comprehensive approach will identify and correct underlying biomechanical problems and


treat the cause of your pain and dysfunction, rather than just treating symptoms.

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We are a Proud partner of Hope Lives! 

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