Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling or TDN is an advanced technique that is used to treat tight and painful bands in your muscles called trigger points (TP's).  TP's can be extremely painful and can contribute heavily to tendon, joint and muscle dysfunction.

TDN involves placing a very small filament needle directly into the TP.  The needle will cause a cascade of chemicals and neuro-transmitters to release from the tight band.  This can have an immediate and profound effect on the muscle and will help restore the muscles normal resting tension and improve function within the entire muscle/joint complex.

Some muscle soreness, similar to post exercise soreness, can be expected after TDN but usually within an hour or two patients are feeling improvements in their original pain.

To perform TDN in Colorado, Physical Therapists must be in practice for two or more years and then complete both a Level I and Level II TDN training course through a qualified instructional program.