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Physical Therapy Modalities

Lumbar/Cervical Traction

Applies gentle distraction forces to stretch the spine and associated muscles

       - Mobilizes soft tissues                              - Decompresses pinched nerve                     roots

      - Manages instability of the spine

      - Relieves pressures in herniated                   discs

      - Decreases pain 

      - Improves fluid dynamics to                         promote healing


Provides deep heating to soft tissue structures in the body

      - Increases circulation 

      - Decreases pain

      - Expedites Recovery

      - Increases the "stretchiness" of                     tight muscles, tendons or joint                 capsules

Infrared Laser

Emits non-thermal photons of light  through the skin 

     - Penetrates 2-5 cm below the skin

     - Normalizes damaged or injured                      tissue

     - Reduces pain

     - Reduces inflammation

     - Reduces edema

     - Reduce overall healing time by                   increasing intracellular                             metabolism

Electric Stimulation

Provides low level electric impulses to an injured area 

      - Decreases pain and inflammation

       - Improves circulation

       - Helps your muscles contract                        properly

       - Interrupts pain signals 


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